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7 things you should do leading up to your exams.

With the exam finals coming up for most students around the UK here’s a little help and friendly advice on what to DO leading up to your exams and how to breeze through the process. Posted in General Advice, Education and Learning

  1. Set out a study plan early and stick to it. Organise all the things, you want to do (e.g. watch that football match) and fix your timetable around theses treats, it will help you focus on revising and not get distracted. For example, if I do three hours of revision in the morning then I can still go shopping later! This can be a massive help when trying to find the motivation to get through the next three hours of algebra…


How to Learn Part 3: Managing your Exams

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Education and Learning

How to Learn Part 3: Managing your Exams

Currently the British education system is made up of exams and coursework. Coursework allows you to work on something over a period of time, making changes in consultation with your teacher. You have time to plan, write, review and execute an argument which can help you get a good overall mark. You might think this is useless and pointless and doing coursework makes no difference to your life, you can’t be bothered, why should you care?