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Six things you shouldn’t do leading up to your exams

If you want to be give yourself the best chance of exam success then here are six things you should NOT do. Posted in General Advice, Education and Learning


How to Write a CV

Posted in Work

You’ve applied for tons of jobs for months and months but it just seems like a dead end because you never seem to get a response. Maybe your CV needs some work! Below are major tips to getting past the first stage of the interview process and creating a CV to impress your potential employer.

Contact details: This should be the first section of your CV and include your name, mobile number and email address. Some people take it a step further by adding a profile picture however this is completely optional and not a requirement.

Personal statement: A personal statement is like an introduction to who you are. It should be a summary that reflects your goals, skills, and ambitions. It explains what you can offer as an employee and what you are looking for. Keep it short, sweet and simple but make sure you outline why you are a suitable candidate for the role.

Work experience: This is obvious, you should list all your relevant work experience (including work placements, volunteering and apprenticeships) with the most recent going first. Make sure you use this section to its full capacity by going into specific details of what you have done in previous roles that makes you well equipped to work effectively in the role you are applying for. Include your job title, the name of the organization you worked at, the time of your post and your main responsibilities.

Education: In this section, you simply need to list and date all your previous and current professional and educational qualifications with your most recent going first.
Skills and achievements: This is your chance to stand out and show how you may be different from other candidates. Do you speak other languages? Are you Prince2 certified? Have you raised money for a charity? If so, this is your time to brag about your proudest moments and attributes!

Hobbies and interests: This is an opportunity to show the employer a better idea of the type of person you are. Make your interests relevant to the job you are applying for, i.e. if you’re applying for a role with a fashion company, a great interest would be - ‘In my spare time, I love attending fashion shows and creating posts for my personal fashion blog’.

References: A lot of people opt out of providing the exact contact details of their references at this point and leave it till they’re requested at the interview or hiring stage. The decision to include these details on your CV is entirely up to you. If you choose to provide this information at a later stage of the hiring process you can simply write ‘reference available upon request’.

Here at TCHC, we run a range of programmes designed to put you on the path of employment. The programmes include services that can help you with your CV writing skills in order to present yourself in the best light possible to your future employer! Visit today to learn more about all the support you can get in putting together the perfect CV. You can also check out our employment guide for tips and tricks.


Interviews: Making a good impression

Written by Bethany Carter Posted in Interviews

Interviews: Making a good impression

You've done the hard part, you've put in the hours for your job search and now you've had the personal victory of being invited to come for an interview; but how do you overcome the overwhelming amount of pressure of making a good impression?


Deciding the Right Path

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Career Planning

Deciding the Right Path

You might be very unsure of your career and thinking, what is the right career for me? Your future does not have to be uncertain, you can think about.


Emma's Story

Posted in Experiences of My Mentor, Learners' Stories

I was being bullied by five girls in the same village. They would call me names and push me about when they saw me. I was scared to leave the house because I didn’t want to bump into them.

My confidence plummeted, as I stopped going out and having fun. Eventually, this meant that I also stopped going to school, and as a result I became NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training).


Liam's Story

Posted in Experiences of My Mentor, Learners' Stories

Hi, I’m Liam, I’m from Norfolk, and I have always suffered from a severe lack of confidence. My teachers did not help me enough with this at school, and a result I did very badly and ended up dropping out.

My life started slipping away, at least until I found out about the Youth Contract, a mentoring and advisory project. My girlfriend told me about it and I thought it was something which would help me get my life back on track.


Sacrifice or Self-Interest

Written by Norman Pierpoint Posted in General Advice

Sacrifice or Self-Interest

During Two World Wars thousands of young adults gave their lives for the benefit of others. They paid the ultimate price of their own lives to defend the freedom of their countrymen.

Their sacrifice is remembered this month in a variety of ways: memorial services, poppy wearing, times of silence, prayers, the playing of the last post and the marching of old soldiers in tribute to the fallen who made the ultimate sacrifice.


The rise of the Millennial: Why you shouldn't panic

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Internet

The rise of the Millennial: Why you shouldn't panic

With the world in financial meltdown, it is easy to think that getting a job in the future will be extremely difficult. But our generation has just as much reason to be optimistic about the future as anyone else. We are millennials, a term used to describe young people who were born between 1980 and 2000 and brought up in the Digital Age.


Being NEET in Cambridge: Day Three

Written by Kyle Posted in General Advice, Being NEET, Learners' Stories

Hello, and thanks for coming back to check out my third entry. In my last entry I left you all on a cliff hanger. Paula and I had finished our first meeting together and I was feeling much better about going to meet her.

I'll be continuing this story from where I left off. I hope my experiences will help you through your journey of being NEET.


Looking for Work: Matt's Top Tips

Written by Matt Allman Posted in Work, Careers

Looking for Work: Matt's Top Tips

If you have decided to start looking for work you may be busy giving out your CV and attending interviews. We all get frustrated when we hear nothing back after hours of walking around giving out CVs. You need to stay positive and keep motivated, don’t lose focus or give up.


Confidence v Rejection: The never-ending Battle

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Mental Illness, General Advice, Careers

Confidence v Rejection: The never-ending Battle

Confidence is tricky; particularly when other people are doing you down, you have low self-esteem or haven’t formed a very high opinion of yourself.

I never had enough confidence as a child, and this bred a shy girl, always hidden within a shell to protect myself from the criticism and opinions of others, wilting in the shadow of social and parental expectation. If your experiences are similar to mine, then I would like to tell you about the wonder that just having confidence can bring.


Being NEET in Cambridge: Day One

Written by Kyle Posted in General Advice, Being NEET, Learners' Stories

Thank you for reading this blog about myself. I’m hoping to explain to you and everyone else who chooses to read this, how I became N.E.E.T and how my life is now getting back on track.

I will be splitting this into different entries. Thanks once again and read on!


Peer Pressure

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Alcohol and drug addiction, Sex and Relationships, Beat bullying

Peer Pressure

What are the effects of peer pressure?

In some cases, peer pressure can be positive. For example, you might be encouraged by your friends to watch a certain TV programme or listen to a particular band. The effect of this is harmless. However, peer pressure can sometimes have a negative effect that is dangerous or harmful. Some people may be influenced by their friends to do something that they don’t want to do in order to fit in. Or they may influence others to act in a certain way because they want to feel better about themselves.

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