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Dealing with Anger

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Youth offending

Dealing with Anger

Dealing with anger can be a very difficult thing. Anger is a natural emotion, and it is perfectly normal for little annoyances to get too much for us or to let people ‘wind us up’. It can also be a natural response to being attacked, insulted, deceived or frustrated.

However, excessive anger could show that you have mental health problems. If your anger leads to harm to others, or others becoming afraid of you because of your anger, then you should contact a doctor or speak to someone close to you.


Being a Young Carer

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Alcohol and drug addiction, Homelessness and Social Care, Disability

Being a Young Carer

If you have to look after a relative or family member, then as a young carer you may have feelings of guilt, loneliness, anger, anxiety, stress or depression from time to time.

Feeling like this is natural as you are having to take on so much responsibility and as a result are being denied some of the opportunities and pleasures enjoyed by your peers.