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Zera Bacon

I am a Personal Adviser for TCHC Norfolk with a 17 year background in team management, training, and information, advice and guidance. In my previous role I was working with young people under 18 as an Under 18 Adviser with Job Centre Plus South East London.

I enjoy working with young people. I like empowering young people to use their existing skills and knowledge and enhance them in order to help them achieve success and obtain their future goals.


Deciding your Future

Written by Zera Bacon Posted in Career Planning, Careers

Deciding your Future

I can’t tell you how many times I have had the “what career is right for me?” discussion with one of my 17 year old clients. The answers have ranged from a Vet - until she found out the intensity of some of the examinations she would have to do - to a Hairdresser, but then she decided that she didn’t want to stand up all day - to a photographer, because she likes taking “selfies”.

In reality there is only one person that can come to a real conclusion - YOU!