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Working as a Team

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Career Planning

Working as a Team

It may come as no surprise that at some point in your career you will have to work in a team. So it is an important life skill to be able to get on and work with others, and communicate effectively.

To help you do this, here are a few handy tips to guide you through team working:




  • Contributor: It is important that you are not someone who just stands idly by while everyone else does all the work. In order to effectively work in a team, you need to be an active contributor. This means offering to help, and participating in activities as much as possible
  • Be concerned with others: If a team member needs help then try to do so without being asked. It is important to think about the needs other people might have and respond to them maturely and appropriately
  • Respect your team mates’ ideas: Everyone in a team has a right to speak and be heard, so make sure you listen to others. Criticising team mates or belittling the contribution they make just causes tensions in the group and can distract everyone from working towards your common goal. Avoid this by just being nice
  • Work for a common goal: Working in a group you are usually working towards a common goal. You all want the same thing, so you should work together to achieve this. Don’t let personal dislike or vendettas get in the way of your group’s success
  • Enjoy their Company: Your team mates may be difficult sometimes but it is important to enjoy their company and try to get on with them. Make a real effort to be their friends, perhaps suggesting you go for drinks after work
  • Celebrate Successes together: When you manage to achieve your common goal, you should celebrate, as you have reason to. Celebrate success by going for a day out together or having a party. This helps to make everyone feel included, and helps if your team ends up working together again on future projects
  • Don’t Blame others for their failure or error: People make mistakes. It is likely at some point that you will make a mistake at some point too. When anyone makes a mistake it is best to highlight it, come up with a solution, implement the solution, then move on. This prevents mistakes building up in the group and becoming long-term issues, as this can get uncontrollable and lead to more problems further down the line

Working in a team is an important skill as you are bound to have to work in a team at some point in your working life, so make sure you master it as a fine art.

Team Working is something you will learn on the My Future programme, a 6 week programme designed to help you develop a range of skills to help you get a job, a course or apprenticeship place.

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Emma Burbidge

Emma Burbidge

Emma Burbidge is the marketing assistant at TCHC. She helps to manage the website and promote the Youth Contract. She enjoys writing for the blog and sharing advice and tips with young people on a range of topics, from finding a job to battling with depression.

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