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If you’re thinking university isn’t for you, a great way to further your career is by applying for an apprenticeship to get earning straight away while you train and learn your chosen profession. Posted in Apprenticeships

From the people I have spoken to, a lot of seem to think that apprenticeships are mostly just for learning a trade like plumbing or carpentry, but now in 2018 that really isn’t the case...

You can now do an apprenticeship at almost any age in any field, there’s an apprenticeship out there for everyone, Check out the examples bellow for some of the more unusual apprenticeships on offer…

Fish Husbandry
Fish husbandry might be a very old and traditional skill, and not one that many of people would immediately consider, but for some it’s a job that’s been part of their families for years. If you prefer working with fish over humans then this could be a great one for you!

If you have a love of animal science and history taxidermy might be an appealing idea, Taxidermists often work for museums and even create pieces for block buster movie sets…

Sandwich Artist
If you love sandwiches then a canvas of two slices of white bread could be the perfect medium for you to express your creativity, subway have dreamt up this idea, so if you fancy creating the perfect “meatball marinara footlong” then get down to subway to start your apprenticeship in sandwichery, if that’s even a word…

This must be one of the creepiest apprenticeships I’ve researched, If you want to get close and probably a little personal considering you will be dressing the deceased then a mortician apprenticeship could be for you! You can help the bereaved families of loved ones by making a person’s last appearance a little more respectful, I imagine there is always going to be a demand for morticians in this world too!

Ghost Hunter Apprentice
This is one of my favorites! In June this year, Gloucester’s resident ghost hunter was on the search, for an apprentice, if you’re a fan of Casper the Friendly Ghost, and think scaring the hell out of tourists on ghost walks sounds like a great deal of fun then this really could have been a perfect career for you!

Although you may not have the stomach to become a mortician, or want to make sandwiches for ever, I think these examples show that there really is an apprenticeship for everyone out there, if none of the above floats your boat then maybe an apprenticeship in I.T. business or digital marketing could be the perfect career for you, if so check out our website and get in touch for a promising career in a growing industry. Apprenticeships really can be an amazing way to get the skills and experience you want or need.

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