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The Study Programme: What's it all about?

Written by Matt Allman Posted in Education and Learning, Careers

The Study Programme: What's it all about?

The study programme is for 16-19 year olds. It aims to provide useful qualifications while also preparing participants for the world of work through work experience placements. This means that by enrolling on the study programme you can gain real experience as you learn.

Who knows, if you do well and work hard it may develop into a job, apprenticeship or traineeship. It is tailored to your needs, so whether you are anxious, disabled, unhappy with your GCSE grades this summer or just really keen to start learning skills needed in the workplace, it can help you.

A training provider will establish a place for you to learn and find tutors to teach you. There are lots of training providers to choose from depending on where you live so it’s worth chatting to them all and finding out which one suits you, as some may be specialists in your chosen career, such as mechanics or childcare, whereas others may work more with you on projects to help build your self-confidence.

You need to also ask your training provider about the bursary. This is money to cover your travel and food costs, and it varies from place to place. If you are a care leaver, you may also be entitled to extra money for being in education which you will need to speak to your leaving care worker about.

If you are not able to take part in work experience or you prefer to study for qualifications, you may still be able to be part of the study programme, but you need to ask training providers if this is something that worries you, as only certain training providers can offer certain qualifications.

You may also study functional skills in English and Maths if you didn’t achieve these at GCSE level. You can then choose to attempt your GCSEs again. A levels also count as part of the study programme if the provider can offer these.

So you might think, what is the point in work experience? But it is actually really good for you!

It gets you into a routine and places you in a real work environment where you will work with other people and deal with customers. These are skills employers are looking for, so work experience helps to make you more employable. 

Just remember the Study Programme is individual support for you, so it is about what will help YOU get on in the future and reach your full potential. Also, if you are 16 you are now required to stay in education until you are 17, so the Study Programme could be the answer you need to help you through your final year!

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Matt Allman

Matt Allman

Matt Allman is a Personal Adviser for TCHC. He has extensive experience working with young adults including young people leaving care, young people/children in care, young offenders, disabled young people, behaviour management, mental health, participation and children’s rights.

Matt has been praised by his peers for his ability to work with young people of all ages in all types of situations. He is dedicated, patient and  persistent while assisting young clients to achieve their goals.

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