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Six things you shouldn’t do leading up to your exams

If you want to be give yourself the best chance of exam success then here are six things you should NOT do. Posted in General Advice, Education and Learning

  1. Don’t leave your revision to the last minute. Cramming and all-nighters will put you under stress and make you tired. Preparation is the best way to exam success.
  2. Don’t let your fellow students freak you out before you start your exams. Listening to them can undermine your confidence – don’t do it!
  3. Don’t stay up all night before your exams – if you’re tired you will under achieve and not do your best.
  4. Don’t roll out of bed 30 minutes before the start of your exam. You need to give yourself time to get to the exam, get yourself settled and your head in gear. Lateness means stress!
  5. Don’t panic – if you have done your prep then you are ready – panicking will only prevent you from recalling facts and doing the best that you can. Keep calm and carry on!
  6. Don’t over revise – spending 12 hours a day studying will burn you out. Plan your revision and make sure you have adequate breaks.

Preparation is the best way to pass exams, it will stop you panicking and reduce stress. Just take a few deep breaths relax and let it all flow.

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