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Sarah's Story

Posted in Experiences of My Mentor, Learners' Stories

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I am from Norfolk. I found myself lost and lacking in confidence and the motivation to work. I had not been getting on well with my parents and started to spend more and more time at my boyfriend’s house. At this point I was referred onto the Youth Contract, a government-funded project supporting 16 and 17 year olds in the East of England.

Zera Bacon, an adviser at TCHC, called me up and we arranged to meet. I found her easy to talk to. We discussed all the options available and I did not feel so helpless anymore.

She supported me and guided me when the family situation got worse, and I was asked by my mother to move out. Zera helped me start to claim benefits and find a small place of my own. This made me feel less alone. I enjoyed the support that Zera gave me.

We discussed my options, I discovered that I had a future and I no longer felt completely hopeless. I found out about the YMCA Study Programme, and found out how to get help with funding my studies and obtaining qualifications.

I was very pleased with the support I received, and feel Zera is a friend as well as an adviser. This is a real help to me in this difficult time. I am now continuing with my course and I am confident that it will increase my future job opportunities.

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