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Sacrifice or Self-Interest

Written by Norman Pierpoint Posted in General Advice

Sacrifice or Self-Interest

During Two World Wars thousands of young adults gave their lives for the benefit of others. They paid the ultimate price of their own lives to defend the freedom of their countrymen.

Their sacrifice is remembered this month in a variety of ways: memorial services, poppy wearing, times of silence, prayers, the playing of the last post and the marching of old soldiers in tribute to the fallen who made the ultimate sacrifice.

They fought and gave to make the world a better place for us all. They deserve to be remembered and not forgotten.

Taking an interest in others and wanting to reach out and make a difference in other people’s lives is what the caring professions are all about. Whether its teaching, caring, nursing, training, befriending, mentoring, serving, policing, defending, rescuing, sheltering, supporting, providing, advising, or parenting these are roles in supporting others to make life better for the individual and society.

With many young people still deciding on what type of work to enter into: serving others is still a high calling and brings its own challenges: perhaps low pay, many years of training, stressful working conditions, ill-health, or even the ultimate sacrifice.

Major Malcolm Boyd wrote a poem in the Second World War with the opening line: “If I should never see the moon again...” He was preparing himself before he went into battle- knowing he probably wouldn’t come back.....”If I have said goodbye to stream and to wood....” There was no going back for him. He paid the ultimate price in serving his fellowman.

To serve others in whatever capacity demands a sacrifice. A sacrifice of time and a sacrifice of self- interest for the benefit of others. Serving others is about giving – so others (even strangers) will be comforted, strengthened, helped, inspired, motivated, blessed, and their personal circumstances improved.

We may not be called to make that ultimate sacrifice but all around us there are individuals in need of help, encouragement, and support.

As the time comes to remember the fallen in Two World Wars - remember also the wonderful example they gave to serve others.

We Will Remember Them

About the Author

Norman Pierpoint

Norman Pierpoint

Born in Essex and raised in Basildon, for the last twenty years, Norman has worked with young people in Suffolk and Norfolk. He enjoys writing songs and was a professional photographer. He is keen to see young people make their way in the world through education, qualifications and employment, and he believes in dreams.

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