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Results Day – planning what's next

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Results Day – planning what's next

GCSE results day is just around the corner. On the 20 August you will find out how well you have done. Whatever your results there are still lots of options open to you.

There is a lot of focus on what to do if your grades aren’t as good as you need, but you may have done a lot better than anticipated. If this is the case there may be more options open to you. If you settled on a course or job that fitted in with your expected grades, rather than what you really wanted to do, now you can rethink and perhaps change direction and go for your dream.

If you have got exactly what you needed to take your next steps, then that is great. Having a clear direction and the grades to do it is a brilliant place to be.

If your results are not what you needed then you may be looking for different options. This is not a time to panic, you have time to make a choice on what to do next. This is the time to collect information and make an informed decision based on all the support available in your area.

It may be that you want to re-sit some of your exams, this doesn’t mean you have to stay on at school there are colleges and training companies that can provide this service. Look around; get advice from your local careers service. The way you learn things may need a different approach and therefore a different type of place of learning.

You may like hands on learning, many people like to learn this way. So look around at what apprenticeships, traineeships or vocational training (NVQs) is available in your area. There are also employers who have their own training schemes. Again your local careers service can help you with this.

Whatever your results are on the day good, bad or indifferent, don’t feel pressured. Relax take a step back, seek advice from professionals and search on the internet for local opportunities. Colleges and schools aren’t the only options available; there are also training companies and voluntary organisations. Whatever direction you choose to take, there is something out there and you should follow the route that is best for you.

The National Careers Service offers advice and can direct you to local support. 

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