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Results day: Are you ready?

Written by Bethany Carter Posted in Education and Learning

Results day: Are you ready?

The 21 August is looming and for a lot of you that will mean your GCSE results day. What will this day mean for you and what actions will you take on that day?

Across the UK students will be collecting their grades and this could include you. This day could determine whether you move on to sixth form, college, an apprenticeship or even employment. 

As the summer continues and you’re waiting for GCSE results day, there can be mixed emotions from fellow class mates, friends and family. Whilst some are excited, you may be feeling slightly reluctant to pick up yours due to a gut feeling telling you that it will not be the outcome you want.

Although GCSE results day can be quite frightening for everyone the most important thing to keep in mind is staying positive. But what if results day comes and you are one of the many students who do not get the grades you want? Do you have a contingency plan to fall back on?

Think – would you re-take your GCSE’s in order to complete A levels, forfeit sixth form to go to college or start at a lower level for your college course? These are all decisions you may be faced with on the day so in that instance, this will help you settle your nerves by knowing you have plan A and plan B covered. 

If your results did not turn out well it can be a dreadful feeling to think you have sat through two years of study and exams to get those marks, but like everyone you have the choice to decide what you do next to get you where you want in life.

Everyone has their own ways of learning and what if yours is not learning in an academic environment, there are so many options available to you away from the traditional routes. It is completely normal to not want to go on to further education and going for a vocational course could be more suited to the way you learn.

So, on GCSE results day remember your calculator, pen, notebook, mobile phone and a positive outlook and take your next decision into your future.

After all you cannot go back and change what your GCSE results say, but you can go and make a wise decision towards your next move in life.

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Bethany Carter

Bethany Carter is a Marketing Coordinator at TCHC. 

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