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Nervous First Days? You're not the only one!

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Nervous First Days? You're not the only one!

There is not much that is scarier than your first day at a new school, college or university (other than spiders or snakes!), especially if you are venturing into this new place without your friends. Starting out in a new place is daunting, having to make new friends, but think of it another way, it is the start of a whole new adventure.


I remember as if it was yesterday the first time I turned up in a new place, for me it was university but it applies just as much to a new course or studying without your friends. You arrive nervous, not knowing anyone. You’re unsure if you are going to like what you are studying, the teachers/lecturers or your fellow students. I felt self-conscious, lonely and frightened, but looking back on it now everyone else around me was as terrified as I was.

This is the key thing, you feel alone, but you aren’t because everyone else is also having the exact same feelings as you. No matter how shy you are everyone else is in the same boat. There are no alliances, just people who want and need to make friends; this is an opportunity to meet new people from all types of backgrounds.

Bite the bullet and talk to someone. It is likely that the first person you meet won’t be your new best friend, but perhaps the next person you meet may be or they’ll introduce you to someone you really get on with. Everyone wants to make friends so be brave and talk to people and after a few days you’ll find people that you like and get on with.

Top tips for making friends:

  1. Join clubs – things you have always wanted to do or really enjoy. You’ll find like minded people there and you’ll have a lot in common. Plus extra curricular activities look good on application forms. 
  2. Put yourself in places where you can meet and talk to people like the cafeteria or seated/communal areas.
  3. Make plans to meet people you have talked and hung out with and start building your friendships.

Don’t be scared to talk to people and don’t be put off, you won’t click with everyone, but you will make some great lifelong friends.

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