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Day Five: Interview all round!

Posted in My MGN Journey

I missed the morning part of today’s session, as I was at an interview. It was an interview for a waitressing job at Giraffe in Cambridge, and I’ve landed myself a trial day shift this Sunday! Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Everyone there seems really friendly- and there are a lot of employees who look like me... piercings, dreadlocks etc. I didn’t feel at all judged by my appearance and that is something very rare for me.

Anyway, after my interview I headed on down to Arbury Community Centre. In all honesty, I’d kind of missed it. It is great having something to do and feeling like I’m actually DOING SOMETHING.

When I walked in, I told everyone how my interview went. They all congratulated me and we got on with -strangely enough- interview preparation.

We were given booklets and handouts, then Jacqui put a slideshow up on a projector. Most of the things were pretty basic and obvious (It’s better to be early than late, go in with a positive attitude, plan your route, bring ID and a CV, be prepared to answer questions etc.) but I guess it has to be covered.

We then started work in our booklets, filling them in with things like questions the interviewer might ask you, what you might want to ask them, what to wear and just general preparation for an interview. This took a while, and I wrote my main interview preparation down as a draft first so as not to mess it up in the book.

Another person then came up with a game involving Rowntrees Randoms. This was a memory game where you had to add on to the end of the story with a sentence involving the sweet you picked from the packet. When (unfortunately) all of the sweets were gone, we filled in our learning journals and departed for home.

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