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Matching your personality to a career

Written by Neil Mawdsley Posted in Career Planning

Matching your personality to a career

What does Kelly Holmes and Michael Owen got in common apart from the obvious that is?

Well they’ve both taken the test and they’re both Polar Bears! Or in personality terms they are strong and determined and enjoy being the boss. Polar Bears enjoy working independently and are happy in their own company.

In career terms according to the website they’re best suited to jobs in the law, accounting or management.

What animal are you? What careers are best suited to your personality type? To find out why not take the test. It only takes 5 minutes and is great fun. Who knows you could be a Seal or a Clownfish!

During an average working life we spend approximately 90,000 hours at work, so it’s important that the career we choose is closely aligned with our personality type and our strengths and aptitudes.

Go on take the test and let us know your results! Better still sign up for the MGN course and get that job you’ve been dreaming about!

About the Author

Neil Mawdsley

Neil Mawdsley

Apart from a stint as a coffee shop owner, Neil has worked in education and training for most of his career. Although he started out teaching history where his main claim to fame was a pupil feinting during a perhaps over elaborate description of the Ancient Egyptian mummification process, he soon found his true vocation – teaching young people employability and enterprise skills. Neil has a particular interest and expertise in Personal Finance Education as well as enjoying designing learning materials and activities to make learning fun and engaging.

When asked what he enjoys most about his role at TCHC he commented: “Only the other day on a lunch time shopping trip to Watford High Street I met a former MGN student. Whilst chatting the former learner said that he wouldn’t have got his new job without my help and encouragement. The advice and the practical interview workshop made all the difference.” Feedback like this is the best job satisfaction there is!

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