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Mastering the Art of Telephone Interviews

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If you're looking for work, you may find yourself on the other end of a telephone interview. Employers are using these more as it is a quick and easy way to shortlist potentials for the job. If you have never had a telephone interview, here are a few good pointers to consider.

  • Ensure you use a landline rather than a mobile in case of reception problems and speak slowly and clearly into the handset. Remember that the interviewer can’t see you, so use the relative anonymity to give you the confidence you might not have face to face!
  • Keep a glass of water next to the phone. A few sips may help if you’re feeling nervous, or if you get a tickle in your throat that you need to get rid of quickly.
  • It’s important to sound enthusiastic. You might feel silly, but simply smiling when you talk will add an element of warmth to your voice which the interviewer will pick up on.
  • Make sure your answers are as full as possible. As you cannot rely on anything other than verbal communication, you have to sell yourself.
  • It's easy to cut across the other person during a telephone interview, so always wait for the interviewer to finish their point before you reply. Talking over them will seem rude and may result in a negative overall impression.

Following these simple tips will help you be more successful at telephone interviews.

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