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Make Christmas Real and Give your Time

Written by Norman Pierpoint Posted in General Advice

Make Christmas Real and Give your Time

What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?”

Dr Seuss, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, 1957


With Billions of pounds being spent this Christmas on presents to give to someone else, this statement really does ring true. Why should we give to other people?

It’s because giving is in the spirit of Christmas.

Some presents will cost a few pence and others will cost thousands of pounds. What matters is the generosity and thought behind the gift. Some of the best gifts in the world are those that have been given out of love, which is something that money can’t buy.

Giving does not have to involve spending money; it could involve giving your time. Giving time to mend relationships, spend time with your friends, and make a difference to society by volunteering.

You don’t have to buy lots of presents that the other person might want, when spending time with them or showing them that you love them is enough.

There are many people out there who spend Christmas alone because they don’t have someone to spend it with. If you are lucky enough to have family you can spend your Christmas with, then you can use your Christmas to spend time with them. Spending time with a loved one or close friend can also be a great way to spend your Christmas.

If you don’t have any one to share Christmas with, then give yourself the gift of time. Spend your Christmas in a place that you feel happy and safe, enjoying the things that you most enjoy, or volunteer at your local soup kitchen.

Giving to others will make you feel better about yourself and ultimately will lead to you using your time more effectively and productively.

Giving is not confined to Christmas or Christmas presents.

I saw a lady give her gloves to a tramp in the cold

I saw a child sing for his grandmother

I saw a father hug his son

I saw a friend comfort her friend

I saw a teenager visit her sick uncle

I saw a mother kiss her daughter

I saw a stranger made to feel welcome

I saw the homeless given shelter

I saw a baby in a manger

I saw a man on a cross.

Make this Christmas real and give from the heart.

About the Author

Norman Pierpoint

Norman Pierpoint

Born in Essex and raised in Basildon, for the last twenty years, Norman has worked with young people in Suffolk and Norfolk. He enjoys writing songs and was a professional photographer. He is keen to see young people make their way in the world through education, qualifications and employment, and he believes in dreams.

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