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I.T. isn’t just for geeks, is it?

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There’s a popular misconception out there that I.T. is just for those with 4inch thick glasses and a horrendous sense of fashion…. But this is 2018 and I.T. really isn’t just for the geeks out there, with demand for I.T. growing every day, more and more people are choosing to get into I.T. for a solid and dependable career.

From the people I have spoken to, I.T. is attracting all walks of life, with so many companies needing these skill sets anyone can get stuck into a positive and fulfilling career in I.T. and the growth is certainly not slowing.
The Q4 2017 Tech Cities Job Watch report by IT recruitment specialists Experis came out in February 2018 and showed that demand for IT workers in the UK continues to rise at a unstoppable rate. Year-on-year demand for all IT roles rose 35 percent compared to Q4 of 2016.
It’s not just demand that is rising at a super healthy rate but permanent IT role pay has increased on average in comparison to this time last year. Salaries rose eight percent year-on-year across the UK, from £52,337 to £56,523 on average in 2018 according to Experis
It’s obvious that a career in I.T. wouldn’t be the worst choice you could make, but there is still a lot of people who clearly are put off… this seems to be extremely evident in the numbers of females getting into I.T. there’s a massive shortage of females in I.T. and I’m not sure why, I think I.T. is a fantastic career for both men and women, it offers a great deal of benefits for everyone.
According to The Dice Job Market Report 91 percent of UK IT contractors are male, a staggering imbalance for diversity. This is even worse than 2 years ago in 2016, when it was an 88 to 12 percent divide between men and women. Permanent IT employees fared little better at 90 percent male, up from 87 percent in 2016.
With all this in mind I think that I.T. really can be for everyone and there’s obviously a massive necessity for more females taking this career path. It seems there’s a real need to get the message out there that this is no longer a dull and geeky industry, there’s fantastic rewards out there for anyone who’s willing to learn, if you are interested in getting into I.T. Check out I.T. apprenticeships for a direct and hands on route into this budding industry.

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