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How to get an apprenticeship

Written by Matthew Webb Posted in Apprenticeships

How to get an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a great option if you do not want to stay on at school, or go to college, but want to keep learning while earning money through on the job training. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to become qualified in your chosen career and are an invaluable way for employers to take on new talent and to grow their business.

However the process of getting an apprenticeship takes some work and thought; so where should you start? The National Apprenticeship Service website ( is the ideal place to begin your search. This is the ‘go to’ website to find apprenticeship vacancies that you can apply for.

The vacancy searching tool on the website allows you to look for apprenticeships in the area that you live by putting in your post code and how far you are prepared to travel from home to work. You can search for the types of apprenticeship you are looking for e.g. retail, vehicle maintenance and repair etc.

The vacancy that you select will give you the information that you need e.g. the description of the apprenticeship, the training provided, where you will be working, the pay, skills, qualifications and personal qualities that they want from the successful applicant. Other important aspects in the information provided is the deadline for getting your application completed, when an interview is likely to be held plus a possible start date.

Therefore it is really important that you are organised to make sure you get your application done on time for you to be considered alongside the other people that have applied. You are able to view the apprenticeship vacancies but you will need to register if you want to apply. Having an e-mail address is important for this part of the process because when you register you will need to have details sent to you so that you can activate your account.

The NAS website is obviously the first place to try but looking on local college websites and other providers of training for the apprenticeships are definitely worth doing too. Colleges and training providers can take your details and inform you of opportunities that are coming up. They will often meet with you too, where that personal approach can keep you in their minds when they receive new opportunities from employers that want to take on apprentices.

Websites are not the only source of finding an apprenticeship. If you are aware of what you want to do why not start contacting businesses that you would like to work for or that are in the area of work that you want. Sending a CV and speculative letter is one way to get yourself known and can lead to an employer contacting you, especially if they are thinking about recruiting new people as their business develops.

Another speculative way to find an apprenticeship is by printing off your CV and taking it with you to the employer remembering to say who you are and why you are calling. Dressing smartly or appropriately for the environment that you are going in to will be important here as well.

Finally, the conversations that you have with people that you meet in everyday life about what you are looking to do can also be a fruitful way to find opportunities. Someone you know may know someone who is looking to recruit an apprentice. Therefore keep people aware of your plans as you never know what it could lead on to.

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Matthew Webb

Matthew Webb

Matt Webb is a Personal Adviser for TCHC. He qualified as a Careers Adviser in 2002 and been working with young people ever since in schools, colleges and out in the community.

Matt believes in the importance of enabling others to develop their skills and help them plan for the future in what is an increasingly complex and fast changing world. He enjoys helping people assess the skills, qualities and experience they have and how this relates to future courses and careers.

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