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How do I get seasonal work?

Written by Bethany Carter Posted in Work

How do I get seasonal work?

With the winter months upon us there will be high demand for workers in retail to fill temporary seasonal jobs. How do you feel about earning some extra cash alongside your studies or as an opportunity to gain employment; could it benefit you in the long run?

Many of us can be quite reluctant taking up seasonal temporary positions which are usually contracted for 12 weeks, long and tiring hours without the security of an income after your contract ends and at times the pay can be quite low.

Royal Mail usually hires around 18,000 people, Amazon around 13,000 and Boots recruit around 7,000 with many of the supermarkets, retail stores all doing the same. It can be a great way to earn more money, gain more skills whilst enhancing your CV over the festive period. It can also be important to get to know how the company runs and their ethos which will give you an advantage with future applications with that company or their competitors.

Ensure you are keeping an eye on the job boards of these companies to spot when they are accepting CVs and applications for their seasonal workers. If you’re successful take full advantage to show off your skill set and work above and beyond the minimal requirements of the job. Take the opportunity to get to know how the company operates and what their objective is.

With all these companies hiring in bulk unfortunately only some seasonal recruits are pursued for permanent contracts after the busy period has ended. However, if you are looking for that permanent part-time or full-time position, getting seasonal work will be perfect for enhancing your chances and showing that you’re familiar with the way things work and what you can do for them. Be flexible, resilient and hardworking.

Companies have said that a large majority of candidates have at some stage gone on to work in successful jobs in their head offices, having previously done seasonal work with them whether it was during a time of unemployment or when they were studying which in turn was a bonus in their successful applications at that stage.

You will find the right temporary job for you, in the right sector which suits your needs. Keep on searching!

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Bethany Carter is a Marketing Coordinator at TCHC. 

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