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'Help! I'm stressed out'

Written by Bethany Carter Posted in Health

'Help! I'm stressed out'

Sometimes life can feel very doom and gloom, with one thing after another bringing you down. Whether it is your relationship, school, job or your lifestyle that is causing you stress or perhaps you cannot even put your finger on what it is making you feel on edge; how can you deal with the imploding stress?

Stress and anxiety can be a warning sign that aspects of your life may need changing. Life is all about getting the right ratio where your energy and productivity is at its best. 

When life does get hard and stress is evident, it is easy to want to shut yourself away from everything and everyone, but it is not the best way to cope. It is time to take control of the negative aspects.

Positive attitude

Firstly, take a positive attitude in life, this is a decision you make. When faced with a difficult or challenging situation it is good to take some time to yourself to think about what is happening and ask yourself,  ‘What is good about this situation?’ and ‘Is there something I can do to change the negative? It is a learning experience where you have the opportunity to reinforce positivity in yourself, the situation and others.

Get enough sleep

Depending on your age and the individual the amount of hours of sleep per day you need to lend a happy and productive life varies. Keep a regular sleeping routine, rule of thumb is between 7 ½ to 9 hours sleep per night to function at your best.

Relax and get out

It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life while constantly juggle our day-to-day responsibilities. Setting time aside for your self can do a world of good. Whether you prefer reading a book in the comfort of your bedroom, taking a walk with your dog or just shutting off the outside world for 30 minutes to unwind and relax – it is up to you, but remember your body needs to recharge and refocus.

De-clutter and organise

Sort out your living space and work space, throw out clothes you do not need and take them to a charity shop and de-clutter your desk and surfaces in your room to help start organising your life. From better time-keeping by using your watch, making to-do lists and creating a schedule to manage your work time, social activities, see your family, have time for yourself and to do chores.

Have a good diet and exercise

When you are very busy and income is low it is easy to turn to cheap processed foods and excess caffeine to keep awake and on the go. Often this can make you feel awfully sluggish so a balanced diet combined with regular exercise can keep your body and mind healthy. Try not to skip meals (including breakfast!) and you’ll notice how it can keep you more alert.

Smile and laugh

Finally smile and have a laugh! Remember laughing has great benefits which includes releasing endorphin's, supports the immune system and reduces stress!

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Bethany Carter

Bethany Carter is a Marketing Coordinator at TCHC. 

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