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Happy Something on a Stick Day

Written by Vega Sims Posted in Work

Happy Something on a Stick Day

For those of you who aren’t aware, today is Something on a Stick Day. Yes you’re probably saying, what’s that all about, right? Let’s explain; Something on a Stick Day is all about celebrating food on a stick.

In celebration of this slightly bizarre day, we decided to put our own spin on it and celebrate jobs with sticks instead. Just because we can!

Below we’ve listed our favourite options for jobs with sticks.


Do you like fishing with your family or friends enough to make a career out of it? Well if you do, you can become a professional fisherman. This job often involves trawling in the deep blue sea, enjoying the clean sea air and well, catching fish. Unlike the traditional Sri Lankan fisherman in the photo above, you'll most likely be spending your work days on a boat.

Average Salary: £10-15K

Required Quals: Most people get into the industry through an Apprenticeship.


A career in gardening is probably more suited to outdoorsy types, those who like to get their hands dirty and enjoy breathing the fresh morning air while having their first cuppa of the day.

Average Salary: £12-32K depending on level

Required Quals: Entry level can have the following qualifications, but enthusiasm, creativity and an eye for detail are essential plus love working outdoors

  • Level 1 Award/Certificate in Horticultural Skills
  • Level 2 Certificate in Gardening
  • Level 2 Certificate/Diploma in Horticulture.

Golf Coach

You don’t have to be Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy to spend your days on a golf course, you can coach instead. If you’re really good, who knows, Rory might just ring you up for a few lessons.

Average Salary: This is a bit of a mystery as we couldn’t find any exact figures, but besides financial rewards, you will enjoy a great view from your office every day.

Required Quals: A foundation degree programme via the National Training Academy

Hockey Player

Hockey might not attract the same level of fame as Football, but it’s a reasonable alternative, there is also ice hockey which is a bit more brutal, but can be very rewarding.

Average Salary: We’re not exactly sure, but it’s definitely above the wage for your average office worker, and less than a football player

There are not many hockey pros in the UK. The best paid play in Holland.

Required Quals: World class hockey skills, and many hours of training

Kebab chef

If you’re a keen kebab shop customer, you can always turn this into a career choice. These chefs cook food on sticks and who doesn’t like a good old Kebab?

Average Salary: £10-12+K

Required Quals: An apprentice chef in a relevant restaurant or take-away

F1 Lollypop person

An F1 Lollypop person is the guy who tells the driver when to stop and when to go in the F1 pit lane. This job might look easy enough, but a two second mistake can cost the team the race.

Average Salary: £60-80K

Required Quals: Fully qualified mechanic

Window Cleaner

Window cleaners often have to travel to great heights to get the job done, it involves working in the outdoors and it could be quite thrilling to be at the top window of a high rise building.

Average Salary: £15K+

Required Quals: No formal qualification is required, but you need to work quickly and efficiently and have a head for heights, especially if you are cleaning commercial windows.

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