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Dream Career Vs Your Skills

Written by Bethany Carter Posted in Careers

Dream Career Vs Your Skills

When you’re at school you are constantly being asked what you want to do with your life. It can be really hard to side line the input from your parents, teachers and peers that say you should follow a particular path. How do you decide what is right for you; do you take the path for doing something you’re really passionate about?

Choosing the subjects you want to take at GCSE is hard enough, let alone deciding what you do after school finishes. You can take the route to university, vocational courses, go straight into employment or embark onto an apprenticeship. Knowing that this is one of the biggest decisions you make in your future as a young person it is important to see there are two different routes you can take.

•Working towards your dream career and studying something you’re passionate about 


•Consider your skills where you play with your strengths to offer you a career.

Steve Jobs was quoted saying, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”. If this is the case surely you should be looking at subjects and courses which you have a specific interest in. For example; perhaps you have an interest in travel and you would love to travel around the world, considering a course such as travel and tourism would be ideal. This subject choice could allow you to become an airline steward or stewardess and pursue something you really love which is travelling.

Some people however believe that you should consider taking a career and job path you are skilled at. What subjects did you excel in at school or college? For example maybe you were good at English and could consider a job in journalism or copy writing. Perhaps you got a good grade in a Technology subject so should choose a course and job in something more hands on like engineering, construction, or a job in catering as a chef.

Sometimes you may be one of the few who skills and passion overlap, but if you’re not, think about what would be the best career for you and your personality. If you have careers in mind see what category you lie within and see what necessary skills are needed. It is okay to feel like you do not know what path to take and knowing what is best for you and your future can all come down to trial and error. Most importantly, make it your decision.

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Bethany Carter

Bethany Carter is a Marketing Coordinator at TCHC. 

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