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Don't Get Left Behind: Time to make Some New Year's Resolutions

Written by Matthew Webb Posted in Careers

Don't Get Left Behind: Time to make Some New Year's Resolutions

January is a time for New Year’s resolutions and changing things in our lives for the better.  It may be to exercise more, give up something that we think is not good for us or do more of something we did not get round to doing in the previous year!  Mine is to get out and run more - how about you?

January is also an important time to think about what you are doing and plan for the future.  Young people across the country are in the middle of deciding what to do with their lives and this is especially relevant for those who are in their GCSE year or older. 

Right now (and in the months to come), colleges and schools across the land will be processing hundreds if not thousands of applications sent in to their institutions by people like you.  Letters have been sent out with interview dates offered and young people will have them booked into diaries. Even at this time in January, offers of places will have been made for courses that will start this September.

Apprenticeships, training places and traineeships will all be in the thoughts of many young people too. These are particularly in the thoughts of those that do not want to continue at school or take up a college course. CVs will be being prepared and employers will begin to be contacted in the hope of setting up opportunities from the summer onwards when coursework is handed in and those all important exams are finished.

So, with all this in mind – where are you with your life?  Have you thought about what you want – college course, apprenticeship, training or school?  If not – don’t panic!  However do something about it soon - talk to people who can help you with this. There may well be a local adviser who can help you.

There is also the National Careers Service helpline (0800 100 900). Landline calls are free but some mobiles may be charged. However, they will call you back. Web chat, texting and e-mail are all available alternatives too.

We are also available at TCHC to offer support, especially if you live in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.  Call our team on 01923 698430 to get involved in one of our youth programmes.

Not deciding what you will do until the summer could mean missing out on that college place which maybe you had thought about earlier but done nothing about. Courses fill up and apprenticeships come and go, so begin to think about it now! You may think that it is alright for an adviser like me to say things like this but it wasn’t always that way.

Then I sat my very last exam at university, I remember very clearly with 30 minutes to go that it was all over, no more lectures, no more essays to do...... then it struck me that I hadn’t planned anything to go on to afterwards – no job organised!

When I learned my lesson from this and it spurred me on to do the job. I do as I want to help people develop the skills to plan and prepare for the future.

Do you need a New Year’s resolution now?

About the Author

Matthew Webb

Matthew Webb

Matt Webb is a Personal Adviser for TCHC. He qualified as a Careers Adviser in 2002 and been working with young people ever since in schools, colleges and out in the community.

Matt believes in the importance of enabling others to develop their skills and help them plan for the future in what is an increasingly complex and fast changing world. He enjoys helping people assess the skills, qualities and experience they have and how this relates to future courses and careers.

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