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Day Two: Assessments Galore!

Posted in My MGN Journey

Today we were bribed with sweets. I’m kidding- we played a good game of “I have never”, in which the participants had 16 various sweets. Jacqui called out statements such as “I have never been to Europe” and if you HAVE done whatever it was, you ate a sweet. The first person to get rid of all of their sweets won.. unfortunately I came second... still, a minor victory!

I think this lovely little game may have been in order to sweeten us up (pun intended) for the assessments ahead. First was out Literacy assessment- it passed without much event and I only got ONE wrong!

We then did our Numeracy assessments- which I expected to do considerably worse in as it has never been my strong point. I didn’t get a single one wrong! I had to admit I was quite proud of that.

I’m beginning to feel a lot more comfortable around the people there, and even slightly confident. I’m getting on well with most of the people, and the one or two I can’t seem to find any common ground with aren’t making a big deal out of it, so everyone is at least civil, mostly more than this.

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