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Day Three: Getting Personal

Posted in My MGN Journey

Today was mostly about focusing on our personal statements but we seemed to go about it in an utterly different way to how I have ever done before.

John introduced himself, we introduced ourselves to him and everyone had a brief chat. Now, there was something else we did... but in all honestly my mind is a blank and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.

Anyway, after this mystery subject John handed out some psychometric sheets, with forty different qualities and personality traits on them, in boxes. We were to highlight five out of the ten in each section that most relate to ourselves in the workplace, so I did so and waited.

When everybody had finished John asked us what our ‘codes’ were (If we had highlighted more on the left side of a section, for example, we got a letter to put in the code. There was a different letter for each side of each section, leaving us with a different four letter code each at the end).

One by one, we read out our codes and John told us what the codes said about us in the workplace. He then handed us each a different sheet to go with our codes and meanings on them. Apparently I’m creative and innovative with intellectual insight!

After our lunch break we got the pen and paper out and began building these psychometric words and suggestions into personal profiles, twisting them around and bulking them out with phrases like “I am a...” and “I would really love to...”. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to go to work, but I finished mine on paper and have now typed it up at home.

I found today extremely helpful, as it seems everyone had the same CVs and personal profiles built by Connexions or JobCentres, and they all said pretty much the same thing.

I now feel like mine is starting to stand out a lot more and I feel a lot more confident in handing and sending it to potential employers.

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