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Day Four: Tweaking and Typing

Posted in My MGN Journey

Laptops at the ready! Today involved a lot of CV reading and tweaking. I had brought my CVs in on a USB memory stick, as I have 3. I have one ‘general’ CV for applying for jobs to just get me by, one CV for jobs that entail writing, as that is something I am very much interested in and one for Mortuary Cosmetology which would be my chosen career path.

Eventually I would like to be a fully trained Mortuary Cosmetologist, and Author of fantasy/horror novels. I appreciate this will definitely take some time but I am very willing and incredibly determined.

Anyway, back to MGN. When we’d all loaded up our personal profiles and CVs, we began a good few hours of tweaking. Jacqui was extremely helpful, and I couldn’t have done it to this standard without her. After I had finished she came over and read my general CV, as she said she was only going to read that one because I would use it most.

After having read it, she laid it out better for me. She centred my name and address, and put a line under it and made indentations in the margins’ appropriate places. I have to say, it all looked very professional. When everyone was happy, we went for a short lunch- in which I devoured the largest sausage roll I could find and a flapjack.

After a quick lunch break, we were rewarded with a game. We had to think of three statements about ourselves, two of which were true and one of which was false- and the others had to guess which was false. It was quite fun, and a good way to continue to get to know people.

Again, I had to leave for work, so after the game I hurried out.

Having completed my CV today I feel a LOT more confident and happy with it, and I’m excited that it has been sent off to the employment/recruitment team.

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