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Chocolate Jobs

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Work

Chocolate Jobs

It’s Easter and so we are bringing you a special career addition, this time talking about chocolate jobs.

You may not believe it, but there are plenty of jobs in what is a lucrative and increasingly expanding industry. Hotel Chocolat even has a dedicated course, the Diploma in Chocolate, teaching employees about chocolate production methods and customer service.

Just for you, here is a summary of jobs which involve chocolate:






  • Production Operator: Working in the factory at ground level, a chocolate production operator assists in the production and packing of chocolate into boxes. You may have to endure long periods of very dull and repetitive work but the results could be highly lucrative. If you can work your way up to production lead operator for a company such as Mars Chocolate, you could be earning around £35,000 per year
  • Chocolate Makers: There are a number of different ways to make chocolate and recipes to be used, however they all use cocoa beans from Central America or Africa. These are then taken to factories where they are processed and solidified to make the chocolate we love!
  • Chocolate Packers: Having made the chocolate on site, it is subsequently put into boxes before being distributed to shops, supermarkets and retail outlets
  • Chocolate Tasters: Imagine if this was your job. Chocolate tasters test the chocolate to make sure it has the right quantities and consistency of all its ingredients. They also ensure that the chocolates are of the same quality throughout
  • Packing Strategist: A packing strategist conducts market research into the packaging of chocolate, and looks at the best way to package chocolate in order to maximise profits for the company
  • Chocolate Sales Assistant: Some chocolates, particularly the high-range brands such as Hotel Chocolat or Godiva, have their own shops and require sales assistants who are really enthusiastic about chocolate and willing to develop their customer service skills for the good of the brand
  • Chocolate Marketer: From the packaging and label design, to its position on the shop floor and adverts on our screens or in public places, chocolate marketers decide the brand image of the chocolate and how they are going to project the message of that image to customers and consumers
  • Chocolate Buyer: Some chocolate brands require designated people, who know what they are talking about, to buy the ingredients to make chocolate. You could also work for a supermarket, looking to buy the chocolate in bulk or to repackage it as part of a gift set. Some element of chocolate tasting may also be involved in this job.... yum!
  • Chocolate Distributor: A Chocolate Distributor manages the logistics of the chocolate distribution process, getting it from production site to shelf smoothly and efficiently

If you’re enthusiastic about chocolate, then any of these jobs could be for you.

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