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Careers that Involve Maths

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Work, Careers

Careers that Involve Maths

Careers that involve maths? This is not tricky. The real answer is every single job under the sun, from shop assistant to astronaut.

However, there are certain careers which heavily use maths. Here are just a few of these careers:





  • Animator: If you are a big fan of Toy Story and Wall:E, then maybe a job as an animator is for you. As well as creative skills, being an animator requires a lot of maths as you need to use linear algebra to show how objects are rotated, shifted, made larger or smaller. And you don’t have to work at Disney either, animators can work in game development, advertising, education, research, and military and corporate training
  • Special Effecter: A lot of films these days now have special effects, as they give that wow factor. Powerful computing equipment, numerical methods and algorithms are used to make these cool special effects
  • Computer Scientist: There are lots of jobs in computer science these days, from designing apps to building websites and creating gadgets. Computer Science requires a lot of knowledge of algorithms, which is, well, maths
  • Game Designer: Love playing games? How about a career around designing games? This career uses trigonometry and calculus
  • Forensic Scientist: If you are a fan of CSI, then why not start a career in it. Forensic Scientists use the principles of maths to solve crime, they help the police find out things like the location of the victim when the blood was shed and even the type of weapon or impact that this had on a victim’s injury
  • Astronaut: Astronauts use maths in order to make precise mathematical calculations to make sure the spacecraft leaves the Earth’s atmosphere smoothly
  • Cryptanalyst:  A cryptanalyst is someone who makes or breaks codes. Many sectors have a place for this role, including the military, intelligence, security services, or even commercially, such as creating databases
  • Statistician: Statistics tell you a lot about where things are heading. They can be used in research and government, so there is many a job to be found
  • Architect: They use maths to ensure that a structure will remain standing and stable.
  • Doctor: Doctors use maths every day, for example they use statistics and probability to analyse test results in order to diagnose and interpret problems.

So there you have it: ten careers that involve maths.

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Emma Burbidge

Emma Burbidge

Emma Burbidge is the marketing assistant at TCHC. She helps to manage the website and promote the Youth Contract. She enjoys writing for the blog and sharing advice and tips with young people on a range of topics, from finding a job to battling with depression.

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