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Being NEET in Cambridge: Day One

Written by Kyle Posted in General Advice, Being NEET, Learners' Stories

Thank you for reading this blog about myself. I’m hoping to explain to you and everyone else who chooses to read this, how I became N.E.E.T and how my life is now getting back on track.

I will be splitting this into different entries. Thanks once again and read on!

You can turn on the TV and hear it blazing out 24/7 about N.E.E.Ts. Some young people are N.E.E.T not because of their personal faults, but due to a confluence of many issues that have impacted them and resulted in them leaving education, or work.

But before I start to tell my big story about being N.E.E.T in Britain, let me give YOU a brief explanation of what being N.E.E.T actually means.

N.E.E.T is an acronym for not in education, employment, or training and essentially can be applied to the current generation. (The age range of N.E.E.T is around 16-24 but it can vary).

Most people would assume that being N.E.E.T is your own fault; that it’s YOUR mistakes that have resulted in you being in the left out generation.

But that’s not entirely true. While a small number of the N.E.E.T generation can relate to simply not getting out of bed, turning off the alarm to go to college, or calling work to fake a sicky, some people have much more different issues.

This is my story.

Being N.E.ET in Cambridge, Day one:

My name is Kyle, I’m 17 and I live in Cambridge.

What I haven’t told you yet is that I frequently bunked school and got into the wrong crowd. I felt that the school I went to let me and my brother down. My brother was bullied frequently but the school failed to do anything about it. My solution to this was to stop attending school.

My mother faced consequences because of my truancy. I didn’t care because I had built a mental block around anything to do with education and refused point blank to attend school.

Fast forward two years: I left school with no GCSEs. I had no future because of my refusal to go to college or get a job. I slowly resided into playing online games and this consumed a lot of my time.

While this was happening, I was contacted by a youth organisation. They were fairly pleasant and helped me and my brother fill out forms so we could attend classes to help us escape being NEET.

It didn’t help me and was pretty much a failure from the start. You see the crowd who were there had started two months earlier and so already knew each other. They had already made friends and refused to accept two more.

This aggravated me, but I refused to stop straight away and endured it until I saw my brother being bullied. My brother is autistic, I know I say this as a brother but I often see nothing wrong with him. He often has trouble meeting new people and can be fairly awkward not speaking. But when they started picking on his personal hygiene I went to the person running the group and reported them.

It was all fixed in a day or two. Those responsible were made to apologize, but I refused to be in a group with them anymore and left.

I returned to playing video games online, where at least I was known to a select group of people, respected, and sometimes admired for my skill. (I sound quite nerdy now, ha-ha).

And the youth organisation left me alone after that! I later found out that they had stopped bothering with me and I was fine with this and accepted it.

I know what you’re thinking: how did my mother take all this? Badly! Our relationship before I started to bunk school and refused to help out was great. Afterwards, it soured and arguments were frequent.

And then out of the blue I received a call from a woman called Paula...

But that’s for another entry!

So please come back and check out my second entry soon!

About the Author


Kyle is a young person currently being assisted by Paula from TCHC. She is helping him to pursue further education or an apprenticeship/ employment in the IT industry.

Kyle has left education with minimal grades and is currently looking to get his life back on track. With the much valued and appreciated help from Paula and TCHC, he is starting to re-enter the educational/ working mindset required. He is being encouraged at every to turn to regain his confidence after a lengthy stint of family health issues and educational hurdles.

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