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Being in a Relationship

Written by Emma Burbidge Posted in Sex and Relationships

Being in a Relationship

When you’re young and in love, devoting your life to someone else might seem like the best option in the world. It can leave you feeling happy and excited when you meet a person. You might share similar worries to them, and feel sad when they are sad.

It is natural to think that person is the most natural thing in the world and you will be together forever. However, it is important not to make hasty decisions based on your future because of what your other half hopes to do.

As it is Valentine’s Day let me be clear that being in love is a wonderful thing.

Deciding Your Future

I remember at university there were several people who had chosen to study at my university because of their girlfriend/boyfriend at the time, thinking they wanted to be close to them and they would be together forever.

None of these relationships lasted; the couples ended up breaking up, resulting in them either dropping out of university or a severe amount of awkwardness.

Deciding your future around a loved one can be a tricky thing, and you may be caught in a difficult situation of taking short-term jobs in order to fulfil immediate necessity, rather than working towards long-term goals, something which is more likely if you have rent to pay or children to look after.

Making it work when there are so many financial responsibilities can add stress and pressure to a relationship. Therefore, it is important to listen to your other half, and if you live with them, make sure you are on the same page when it comes to your expectations and the future.

Relationships are about compromise. You might not be able to do what you want all the time because you have to think about what your boyfriend or girlfriend wants too.

However, if you bend to your partner’s will all the time, or don’t go for an opportunity because your partner doesn’t want you to, this could be something you end up regretting later in life if you break up. You may find it harder if you then decide to pursue the career you really want.

Talk to your partner about your dreams and aspirations for the future, and try to come to some compromise which will involve you both eventually doing what you want. This may mean that for a short time one of you may have to make sacrifices, like staying at home to look after the kids, or finding a job to fund your partner through their dream course!

So long as you are both happy and it is what you both want then fine. However, if one of you has other ideas with what to do with their future, then it could cause problems later down the road. You don’t want to end up with regrets that you would have done something differently if you hadn’t decided your career around your love at the time.

Remember, it’s your life and your future.

You need to think with your head and not your heart.

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Emma Burbidge

Emma Burbidge

Emma Burbidge is the marketing assistant at TCHC. She helps to manage the website and promote the Youth Contract. She enjoys writing for the blog and sharing advice and tips with young people on a range of topics, from finding a job to battling with depression.

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