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Aliyah's Story

Posted in Learners' Stories

Before Aliyah started on MyGaps in Cambridge, she was attending the local college, but found the large mixed age class sizes quite difficult to deal with. She also used to fall asleep in class as she suffers from Narcolepsy and Cataplexy and finds it difficult to explain to people about her condition. All these difficulties meant that she lost her motivation and started missing more and more classes.

She didn’t get the grades for maths and English on the course finding the large class sizes difficult. “MyGaps interested me as it only had small groups within the whole course and everyone works at everyone else’s pace and everyone helps each other.”
Aliyah is enjoying the course and getting work experience. “I have enjoyed everything we’ve done because we all work as a team. Sarah is a brilliant teacher and excellent at explaining things so you get it.”
The course has made Aliyah believe in herself as she thought she was stupid and unreliable. Now she knows this isn’t true and has confidence. I still fall asleep in lessons, but I get help to catch up and I have motivation to get up in the morning and come in.” While at MyGaps she has improved her English and maths and has learned a lot about herself. She realises that she is capable of achieving things she’d never thought she’d do.

“The teachers at MyGaps are great and unbelievably supportive. They’re very encouraging and motivational, they do their best to get the best out of you.”

A new confident Aliyah has gone back to college and is completeing her Level 2 in Health and Social Care.

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