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7 things you should do leading up to your exams.

With the exam finals coming up for most students around the UK here’s a little help and friendly advice on what to DO leading up to your exams and how to breeze through the process. Posted in General Advice, Education and Learning

  1. Set out a study plan early and stick to it. Organise all the things, you want to do (e.g. watch that football match) and fix your timetable around theses treats, it will help you focus on revising and not get distracted. For example, if I do three hours of revision in the morning then I can still go shopping later! This can be a massive help when trying to find the motivation to get through the next three hours of algebra…

2. Try and pick a place to study in an area which resembles the kind of conditions you will get in an exam hall. If your study location is quiet without distractions, you will have a much better chance of reproducing the necessary information in an exam situation.

3. Get lots of sleep; a good 7 hours sleep each night leading up to the exams. This is going to help keep your brain functioning healthily, so instead of pulling a highly caffeinated all-nighter get some shut eye and wake up nice and early with a couple of hours before the exam to run over all your notes.

4. Seek help if you need it. Talk to your teachers coming up to exams. They may not give you direct hints, but they certainly can help solve problems, and possibly show you the best way of studying your subject. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, this is what they are there for.

5. Take regular short breaks during your revision – a 10 minute break for every 50 minutes revision. This will in an hour

6. Eat well – remember your brain needs energy. Don’t skip breakfast or meals before your exams, you need your brain functioning.

7. Check your exam details. Make sure you know where it is, when it is and what it is? You don’t want to turn up to the wrong place or find that you have revised for maths when the it’s an English exam. You don’t want to be in a panic before you have even started the exam.

All in all, try to stay positive and relaxed, don’t over stress yourself, just do your best and you will come out with great results!

Hope this blog post has helped, share your thoughts or questions by commenting bellow….

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